Multi-upload in My documents now available!

on Tuesday, February 4th 2014 I 0 Comment

Many of you use every day the data storage space in the menu Design > My documents. A little reminder for our CMS users, this space enables you to put online files as images, CSS, SWF, ZIP etc... You can put those files in different folders (beware, only one level of folder is allowed).
Once those files are stored and online, you can use them for instance in a module container, or in a paragraph with an external code of the platform to call them on your site.

The big news about the V6, some of you, I'm sure have noticed it already, is that the uploader is not any more in Flash, which means it works even on tablets, and all device refusing Flash use. And also, that you do not need to repeat the same process for each files. V6 let you drag and drop many files from your computer, strait to the the right folder! That will save you lots of time :)

So you have no more excuses for not uploading your files, it is now easier and quicker than ever.

Saveria Maroselli
As support manager, Saveria guides you daily while you're using your favorite CMS, but not only,... Know more about this author

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