New features for the module Last Tweets

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New features for the module Last Tweets
Following the last update of Twitter API , Jim took this opportunity to improve the display and features of the module Last tweets.

This is about the display Twitter official of the module.

You can still display either your timeline or favourites, but what's new and great is the fact that you can now also display tweets from one of your list or Search result!!!

Meaning you can choose a timeline source not coming only from your tweets.

Twitter settings

Go to your Twitter account, click on the setting wheels, then Settings > Widget > Create New

From this page, you can choose which type of content you would like to display.
You can of course create more than one widget and display them in different module on your website.

Choose if you want to display either your user timeline, favourites, a list or search results, then set this timeline source.

Once you're done, click on Create widget and copy your Twitter Id Widget in the url (see below)
New features for the module Last Tweets

Module settings

Back to your backoffice, in the module settings, paste the Twitter Id Widget in the typing field.

You can choose to display:

- Header: button that enables your visitor to follow you
- Footer: field to tweet you directly from your site
- Background: by default, the background colour is the one of the light or dark theme Twitter, if you do not display that background, you can set your own background colour via the tab Design of the module.
New features for the module Last Tweets

And voilà, all you have to do now is to enjoy those long-awaited features :)

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