New format of feeds RSS and ATOM

Lesia on Thursday, December 8th 2005

New format of feeds RSS and ATOM
With the startup of Google Id (Reading the note on and of Netvibes, we decided to make sexier feeds XML.

The syndication feeds concerning the webservices (Comments, Classified, Forum and Diary) were reviewed, as well as the normal flow of articles. Each one is proposed in RSS 2.0 or ATOM 1.0 mode.

Finally new addresses are available, shorter and more explicit : 

- RSS feed normal (Last articles) : 

- ATOM feed normal (Last articles) : 

- Agenda feed : 

- Comments feed : 

- Etc... 

The complete list of feeds is available in the menu "NETWORK" of your back office. 
Of course the old addresses always function but we encourage you to update them. 

To test your feeds try them in the following services :