Profiling : New collected data

Lesia on Friday, September 30th 2005

Profiling : New collected data
From now, the profiling registration form has a filing, in fact you can classify and place its fields as you want.

A new state of these fields is also available, you can only display the "field in the members area".

Instant messengers :

Also, we added 5 new default fields corresponding with various messengers assistants:

- Yahoo Messenger
- Google Talk
- Skype

These information are displayed in the board or in the classifieds in order to make easier the communication between members. About members,a photo can be added in the member profile so that becoming an icon.

Specific data

In all 5 "Free" fields can be added to enable you to collect your own information.

You often ask us to added the Siret number or to replace the Company field by Departement,etc... These fields absolutely configured will enable you to use entirely the profiling.

How to use these innovations?

Strictly available for the Xpert and Pro portal, you have just to go in the menu > Administration > Profiling > Parameters to configure all you need.