Tags arrived

Lesia on Monday, January 23rd 2006

Tags arrived
We keep to add new functionnalities to the application (portals and blogs) by integrating the tags. This concept catch our attention because it offers a view in a flash of the keywords of your content. In more of being visual, we find it beautiful and particulary useful for navigation. 

In addition we think that they can have a positive influence on the referencing of your sites.

Here, a definition of Fred Cavazza one of our favourites sources of information : 

"Tags are useful to navigate AND to structure content. There are generally several origin destinations (tags are seldom alone not as tags in bottom of each one of my tickets) and several target destinations (we can find new tags or come back and click on the other listed tags)."

How to install the tags on your site?

At first you must insert them in your articles (Tags tab in the footer).

You can add this new module since the Design section for a presentation in column. Or to create a link since the tool bar or the footer towards a full page counting all your tags.

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