WMaker security

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On the web, attacks happen every day, they are various, increasingly frequent and aggressive. Each day, we analyse and redirect more than 8 million pages. At WMaker it is Gregory and Pierre-Laurent who are in charge of protecting you. Of course Samir who's in charge of the video cloud  is never far away. The development team designed each line of WMaker CMS code, it allows them to react quickly in case of problems of either security or reporting.
WMaker security

Regular security audit

The CMS WMaker is used by many customers, there are all different, including key accounts. We therefore often have security audits on our architecture, but as well as on the platform itself.

At the end of the year one of our customers has warned us that he had ordered a new audit that took place "silently" early this year. Our Firewall immediately blocked this "attack", we then white listed this society to allow it to carry on its intrusion attempts. Ten days ago we received their report: 240 pages of fascinating reading :)
After reviewing the recommendations, we established the "corrections" required.

It is impossible to make sure 100% that the security is perfect, but you have to know  that we "suffer" this kind of audit regularly. In 2007 we were audited by the company LYNX TECHNOLOGIES, then in 2010 by XMCO, EXOSEC last year and this year

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