Web semantic seminar

Jerome Granados on Monday, April 7th 2008 I 0 Comment

Reviving with good old habits (see WMaker team back to university ), we have received today a very thorough briefing on the semantic web.

Christophe Paoli , associate professor in computer science at the University of Corsica, has been kind enough to lead a seminar on this issue in our office.
Web semantic seminar

This work session was an opportunity to have a clear vue on theory and technologies used actually to give meaning to web contents.

WMaker takes a close interest in developments around the Semantic Web. During the year, we will amplify the developments in the application. Our goal is to give you visibility in future generations of the search engines. WMaker aims at formating the data processed by its application in a transparent manner for its users.

This will for example allow better identification and better interpretation of your classified ads, your events, your products in your shop, etc ... by the new search engines.

We hope that your content will be among the first to be indexed by these new tools;)

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