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Jerome Granados on Monday, June 9th 2008 I 0 Comment

Today Apple shows during WWDC 2008 iPhone version 2. iPhone is the best phone to browse web pages.

Although this device represents 1 % of the US market, it is used to display 70% of the web pages viewed from a mobile device in the USA.

As you have noticed it, iPhone is the future of mobile web. You already have one of the best iPhone mobile version of your website.

In order to celebrate iPhone 2, this week will be the "iPhone 2 week" at WM. We will launch during this week more functionalities for the iPhone version of your site.

Embed video

As you already know, each video uploaded to your website has a dedicated version for iPhone.

But, we didn't handle yet YouTube embed video. This is no longer the case. We automatically detect embed video to switch to a readable version on your iPhone.

Your iPhone version has now a full compatibility with embed videos from YouTube, in your article and in your mobile video page !

Apple touch Icon

With Apple touch Icon, you can add a big launching icon on your iPhone desktop, just like if your website was a mobile application.

iPhone firmware automatically creates this icon. Nonetheless, if you want to overtake your competitors, you should have your own designed Apple touch Icon.

A new page in your back office gives you the opportunity to add you custom Apple touch Icon to your mobile website.
iPhone 2

One more thing

Do you know that advertising agencies are found of mobile ads ?

In order to simplify the administration of your mobile version, we gather all the mobile parameters in a single page in your back office:  DESIGN > Mobile design > Other parameters.

See you during the week for more new functionalities ;)

PS: Photo credit www.i-spirit.fr

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