Live SNS!

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, September 24th 2008 I 0 Comment

SNS is now available for all WMaker users, and not only for the Beta Testers anymore. In this note, we'll present you the new pages that will permit to create a whole community around your portal.

Member list

Live SNS!
The SNS first page is the one which list your site members.

Members profiles display block style. Two navigation possibilities:
- By connexion date
- By activity on the site

The member activity matches with his contribution in the different portal webservices (forum, schedule, classified advertisement, comments, subjected articles...)

It's possible to find a member from the search engine, and to only display with photo members.

Of course, the members page lists only the ones who have decided to make public their profile.

Profile Page

Live SNS!
Consulting a member profile, you reach first his key information : avatar, name, city,...That's the information he entered registering.

Webmasters, don't forget to indicate in the registering form, all pieces of information you want to be accessible in your SNS pages.

You can also view the member activity on the website, block type display. A sorting out by activity is possible.

Also, if you are authenticated and you want to modify your profile, you can to it from this page.

The modification page permit cropping your avatar, that is to say selecting the image part that will be used next to your pseudonym in the different webservices.

Intern messaging

Live SNS!
For an end, the SNS proposes an intern messaging. According to Jean-Mathieu, the intern messaging has been thought about as an intern discussion link.

Enjoy your SNS! See you for new functionnalities for this new social pages.

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