News, News, News!!!

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News, News, News!!!
You probably know and use News modules, there is the classic one that is positioned in the columns and the horizontal news module in the title area. Well since yesterday, these two modules have very nice new features :)

Contextual mode of News module

The news module with its tabs ", Most viewed and Most commented" now can to be contextualized. In the design, Edit the module > More Settings and select "Contextual articles" to activate the new display mode.
News, News, News!!!

In short, if you set the module with "contextual Articles" its display changes from page to page.
On your home page, the module will display all most viewed articles of the site but in a section it will consider the context to display only most viewed articles of this same section.
It will also work the same way with all pages of this section (including articles) and of course all the tabs in the module.

"Animations" of the module Horizontal news

We added two new types of animations in this module which was up till now scrolling the news one after the other from left to right:

- The animated mode using the transition fade. Each news disappears to leave its place to the next one. This effect is very modern and less aggressive than scrolling.

- The static mode, may seem outdated but is not at all, quite the opposite. It brings a modern look to your site. Be careful, to make it interesting, you must use only  2 or 3 news. They are displayed one behind the others.
News, News, News!!!

Transition mode Fade

The module Horizontal news is now using this mode of transition but we took the opportunity to generalize this to other modules, such as the pager in the module Go with the flow or Navigation pages.

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