Video Uploader (AIR) just send your videos

Lesia PIETRI on Tuesday, November 20th 2007 I 1 Comment

Video Uploader (AIR) just send your videos
This is the first time for us, we developed our first application for the PC. So far we have only create Web applications.

This uploader installs on your desktop PC (and soon on the Mac), it uses the new Adobe AIR technology. Installation is performed in two stages:

  • Download the AIR plugin, it will allow you to use all AIR applications
  • Then download and install the Uploader, its like the Flash plugin, this technology was derived from Flash.
This application allows you to send one or more videos files from your desktop without going in the back office of your site.

How to recover the Uploader?
In the menu> Management> Team redaction> Other publication you have an Uploader tab. Its downloading will activate automatically API publication.

Then how does it work ?
First you must inform your account parameters, the application manages one or more sites.

It only remains for you to upload your videos drag and drop from your office or surfing in your tree then clicking the button Upload. As soon as your videos arrived on the server, processing begins.

Advantages :
You dont have to leave your browser open during the transfer, the transfer speed is faster than from the back office or that FTP.

You can send multiple video at the same time and leave WMaker treat your videos before writing the articles.

As soon as  videos converted an article will be automatically created and put into storage.

Video Uploader (AIR) just send your videos

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