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As Sébastien explained to you in our previous note, one of the main purpose of this new version was to improve your work tool: the back office. We had of course, to redo completely the article edition page. In the last few days, you have been many to ask more about the new features of the V6, it was about time to get to the heart of the matter.
V6: New article page

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V6: Less is more
Today, we are very happy to launch the WMaker V6. It arrives on the 6th of January like the 3 kings, but we started working on it a while before the 25th of December :)

We published around every 3 years and half a new version of WMaker, the V5 came out in July 2011. In the future, in order to stick to the evolution of the net, we will try our best to publish a new version yearly. V6 is the start of a new cycle for 2014. A new rhythm with new features nearly every weeks and a big novelty every month.

With the V6, we didn't try to make it look spectacular, for lots of you, WMaker is a work tool. So we  focused to improve your work condition, ergonomics has been subtly redesigned with a key word: "Less is more".

The back office Design changes its display to become "flat" without shadow, without 3D effect. This allows us to visually lighten the interface and in short, to make it more modern. This new approach is applied for example to the editorial page of articles. It allowed us while simplifying it, to add it new features.

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Happy new year 2014!!!
The full WMaker team, and the CampusPlex join me to wish you the best for 2014!

Pace e Salute

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Disqus available on WMaker!!!
Disqus is a commenting platform with authentication which manages all your comments.
Disqus users can post comments using the same login, on all websites using it. Disqus helps you build a community of active readers and commenters.

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Christmas Brunch at CampusPlex!!
Every year at CampusPlex, we organize THE Christmas brunch!
Once we carefully planned this event, we went food shopping.
This Friday 20th of December was a perfect day: scramble eggs, pancakes, sausages, Nutella, tea, champagne, slice of bread, ham, hot chocolate, salmon, milk, pastries, bacon... Actually about everything edible and delicious we could buy in the area.
To share this feast and happy time with you, we made this beautiful time lapse :)

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Instagram module on your site!
Today, we're introducing the module Widget Instagram! This new feature enables to display your Instagram photo feed :) Your users will be able to see your photos on your site, but also to follow you!

This will give a little plus to your website and will be added to the Facebook and Twitter modules that you have probably already set. Show your readers that you are everywhere :)

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After the passage of the financial markets (1999) and money (2002) to euro, Europe adopts the scriptural euro with the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for simplification of bank transfers denominated in euro.

New direct debit: SEPA
In accordance with European Regulation No. 260/2012, the new European payment instruments replace their national equivalentsno later than the 1st of February 2014.

SEPA clearance is based on the IBAN bank-account identification and the SWIFT-BIC bank identifier.

Our bank informed us of those change in August, so we set right away the back office to ask for your IBAN and BIC in case of direct debit. We did what had to be done to get those 2 informations for our clients already using a bank direct debit to pay for their websites.

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Even the 404 page is customizable!
At WMaker, customization is no limit and this is just for you! Today even the 404 page is customizable. For those who have forgotten, page 404 is the error page, not very pretty, against which your users could lend by mistake or because one of your section pages unfortunately no longer exist. To make this page funnier and lively WMaker now gives you the possibility to customize it with pictures, videos, more friendly text or wherever your imagination takes you!

Reminder: 404 page customization is available only for those who have a domain name installed.

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Open an ibox when launching your site
Today, I would like to talk about a module little known, but very convenient. It is the POP UP module. It enables to show up a specific display when launching your site.

We've added a new feature to this module, an ibox opening, only means to reach your site content.

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