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The New "Grid" WebTV Module
WebTV users will have probably noticed it already: there is a new module available for the title area: the Grid module :)
This module is perfect if you wish to display the thumbnails of several videos. On top of this, Lesia and Laurent developed this module with a design that will fit all screen sizes (a taste of responsive design)!

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Android App: Become Beta Tester!
Since the launch of the iPhone app, it's taken some time for it's Android sister to come out. This app, which enables you to manage your WMaker sites, was developed by Diego, a Belgium developer who worked with us for 6 months in the technical team of GoodBarber. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to test it properly, which is why we're late in launching it. Since then, we tested it, and several bugs were identified. Sergio, in charge of the Android team spent some time on it to fix those bugs so we could launch the beta version this week!

We invite all of you using an Android device to test the app in beta version to help us find and fix the last bugs. It is not dangerous, only your actions on the app will be applied on your site. The purpose of this testing is to check that the app does not crash in everyday use :)

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Your back office IOS application
We were the first CMS to propose a native mobile apps. We indeed took our time to launch a back office Apps. But today, we are very happy to offer you, after the V6 of the back office WMaker, its mobile version.

IOS WMaker app is now available on the Apple store. Lesia designed a stunning application to manage your websites. She waits on you hand and foot with all the knowledge about mobile interface gained through her Goodbarber experience.

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The internet advertising global market is constantly changing. According to eMarketer that published a study on the online advertising market in 2013, 119.52 billion dollars have been spent worldwide last year.

To be more explicit, this means that online advertising can allow you to make money on your site. That's why you can from the Xpert offer add easily your banner ads on your favourite CMS from the webservice Advertising network.

Some of you are already familiar with this webservice, and needed very much more constrained diffusion, well it's done! You could set a period of validity for displaying your ads, you can now also choose to set a display of your banners based on the number of clicks or views :)

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Cc Flickr cathou
Depending on your offer, you often need to buy extra capacity without wanting to upgrade to the next offer. You can already buy bandwidth for the very big users, disk space of course, and mainly extra capacity to send your newsletters. Lately, Xpert offer users of your favourite CMS have been asking us how to add more than 5 templates without upgrading. Xpert offer enables you to use 5 templates maximum and depending on the type of site, sometimes 6 or 7 templates are a lot better. But upgrading to to Pro offer wasn't worth it just for the templates.

So we now give you a solution to buy more templates. Go to the menu My invoices > My subscription > Buy additional capacity

We'll try to add like this time, more possibilities to buy extra feature without upgrading when it is not necessary :)

One last information, because lots of you are asking me via the support about this topic, if your credit card is registered with us, the payment is processed in the evening, so you have to wait few hours to be able to access your additional capacity. But if you are in a rush, you can always contact us so we can manually process the payment.

We work daily on the WebTv, a big project is in progress, but we'll introduce here, little novelties that will make happy all the persons who have asked for them, and can be used by everyone elses too :)

WebTv, few novelties we haven't talked about yet

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Many of you use every day the data storage space in the menu Design > My documents. A little reminder for our CMS users, this space enables you to put online files as images, CSS, SWF, ZIP etc... You can put those files in different folders (beware, only one level of folder is allowed).
Once those files are stored and online, you can use them for instance in a module container, or in a paragraph with an external code of the platform to call them on your site.

The big news about the V6, some of you, I'm sure have noticed it already, is that the uploader is not any more in Flash, which means it works even on tablets, and all device refusing Flash use. And also, that you do not need to repeat the same process for each files. V6 let you drag and drop many files from your computer, strait to the the right folder! That will save you lots of time :)

So you have no more excuses for not uploading your files, it is now easier and quicker than ever.

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You all have noticed that all statistics charts are new with the V6.

HTML5 charts
We use a well known library to create all charts of the back office, in line, column or pie charts. They used to be in flash, charts are are now in JS & HTML5, technically, it means twice less requests, so a better and quicker display.

Before we had to make some requests to get the settings (colours, sizes, scales) then the data; therefore, the charts were displayed in 2 steps. The settings are embed in the JS of the new library and is displayed immediately with prettier effects and with a clear gain of speed.

To top it all, it's compatible with tablets!!

We'll introduce this week 2 new features very convenient: Tweet and urls custom.

Custom your tweets and urls when posting an article

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Today, we'll introduce a new feature of WMaker V6 which comes to enrich your article pages.
Mosaic in your articles

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